Joe Parker-Rees

London-based graphic designer, working across both physical and digital platforms with a keen interest in typography, identity and web design. Currently seeking an internship or junior design position.

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Selected Projects:

01 European Open Science Cloud (winning entry)
A new logo and identity for a European Commission initiative promoting open science practices.

02 Automated Typography
A type specimen publication that demonstrates the capabilities of automated typography in its current state.

03 KALA Experience
A unique and immersive web experience for Sri Lankan rap icon M.I.A's Kala.

04 F*ck Hostile Architecture
A campaign and publication protesting the use of hostile architecture in urban environments.

05 Baker Street Sans
A forensic new typeface identity for BBC’s Sherlock.

06 Fungi and Folklore
A zine exploring the traditions and rituals surrounding mushrooms

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Baker Street Sans

Type Design

A forensic new typeface identity for BBC’s Sherlock.

Baker Street Sans is the result of an extensive study of forensic science in BBC’s Sherlock. With structural elements from Helvetica, the letterforms appear as a standard Sans Serif typeface. However, upon closer inspection, a complex half- tone pattern defines the texture of the glyphs. Baker Streets Sans’ bold, heavy weight makes it perfect for large display publications and screen based design. Whilst the typeface may appear hand-stamped, there is a complex pattern that indicates the meticulous attention to detail. The typeface can also be animated for motion design purposes.

The series features an incredibly obsessive protagonist - a ‘high functioning sociopath.’ This made it a perfect opportunity to create a bespoke typeface that mirrored Sherlock Holme’s personality.

This typeface began as a self-led project that explored typography within title sequence design. My research looked at the broader scope of the history behind title sequences, offering an insight into how the credits have evolved from the Saul Bass era to today’s contemporary design style.