Joe Parker-Rees

London-based graphic designer, working across both physical and digital platforms with a keen interest in typography, identity and web design. Currently seeking an internship or junior design position.

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Selected Projects:

01 European Open Science Cloud (winning entry)
A new logo and identity for a European Commission initiative promoting open science practices.

02 Automated Typography
A type specimen publication that demonstrates the capabilities of automated typography in its current state.

03 KALA Experience
A unique and immersive web experience for Sri Lankan rap icon M.I.A's Kala.

04 F*ck Hostile Architecture
A campaign and publication protesting the use of hostile architecture in urban environments.

05 Baker Street Sans
A forensic new typeface identity for BBC’s Sherlock.

06 Fungi and Folklore
A zine exploring the traditions and rituals surrounding mushrooms

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F*ck Hostile Architecture
Editorial design | Social design 

A campaign and publication protesting the use of hostile architecture in urban environments.

This brief is the result of an extensive study into hostile architecture, an urban design strategy that uses elements of the built environment to purposefully guide or restrict behaviour in order to prevent crime and protect property.

After listening to a podcast episode on the subject, I thought it would provide an interesting subject for a project. The tie to architectural design means that there is a breadth of visual language already accessible. Also, a range of articles and academic research has been conducted on the subject, which contributes to sustained interest, as well as offering a variety of potential outcomes.

The publication’s casing is a coarse grit sandpaper, simulate the discomfort and unease that hostile architecture design creates for the homeless. The intention was to make the audience experience these same feelings while holding the publication.

A range of additional platforms were also considered for this brief. One of the key elements of making this campaign successful is to involve the audience in actively sourcing and identifying hostile architecture in their respective cities. For this reason, the location of posters and ads was care- fully considered. Renting ad space in bus stops that feature lean-on seating, for example. Stickers are also a great way of catching the attention of a passerby.