Joe Parker-Rees

London-based graphic designer, working across both physical and digital platforms with a keen interest in typography, identity and web design. Currently seeking an internship or junior design position.

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Selected Projects:

01 European Open Science Cloud (winning entry)
A new logo and identity for a European Commission initiative promoting open science practices.

02 Automated Typography
A type specimen publication that demonstrates the capabilities of automated typography in its current state.

03 KALA Experience
A unique and immersive web experience for Sri Lankan rap icon M.I.A's Kala.

04 F*ck Hostile Architecture
A campaign and publication protesting the use of hostile architecture in urban environments.

05 Baker Street Sans
A forensic new typeface identity for BBC’s Sherlock.

06 Fungi and Folklore
A zine exploring the traditions and rituals surrounding mushrooms

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European Open Science Cloud

Brand Identity | Motion Design

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Automated Typography

Editorial Design | Creative coding | Type Design 

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KALA Experience

Web Design 

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F*ck Hostile Architecture

Editorial Design | Campaign Design

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Baker Street Sans

Type Design 

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Fungi and Folklore

Editorial Design 

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