Joe Parker-Rees

London-based graphic designer, working across both physical and digital platforms with a keen interest in typography, identity and web design. Currently seeking an internship or junior design position.

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Selected Projects:

01 European Open Science Cloud (winning entry)
A new logo and identity for a European Commission initiative promoting open science practices.

02 Automated Typography
A type specimen publication that demonstrates the capabilities of automated typography in its current state.

03 KALA Experience
A unique and immersive web experience for Sri Lankan rap icon M.I.A's Kala.

04 F*ck Hostile Architecture
A campaign and publication protesting the use of hostile architecture in urban environments.

05 Baker Street Sans
A forensic new typeface identity for BBC’s Sherlock.

06 Fungi and Folklore
A zine exploring the traditions and rituals surrounding mushrooms

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I'm a first-class degree graduate of Leeds Arts University looking for internships and junior positions.

Things I enjoy:

Looking at clothes I'll never be able to afford.

Telling people about the arrow in the Fedex logo.

This song.

Reading the comment sections on old Youtube videos.

Curating playlists for oddly specific scenarios.


Design Intern 
at Cookchick Design
Febuary - March 2023


EOSC Logo Competition

D&AD and Editor X Portfolio Picks


Leeds Arts University 
BA (Hons) Graphic Design (1st)

Foundation Diploma
Art & Design


Identity & Branding
Concept Development
Digital & UI Design
Editorial Design & Layout